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WordPress Twitterbot Documentation

Wordpress Twitterbot

The Twitterbot. From stock.xchng

These instructions are to help you get WordPress Twitterbot up and running on your WordPress installation. It is a very quick and easy plugin to install and configure.

Installation Of WordPress Twitterbot

Automatic Download

This is the simplest way to install WordPress Twitterbot.

  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard. Navigate to the plugins section and click “Add New.”
  • In the search box, search for “Twitterbot.” This plugin should be the first one returned. Verify that it is the correct plugin.
  • Click “Install” and you will see a description of the plugin.
  • Click the red “Install Now” button. WordPress will download the plugin and install it for you.
  • When you receive confirmation that the plugin was installed successfully, click “Activate Plugin” to get it started.

Manual Download

If you would prefer to download WordPress Twitterbot before you install it, follow these instructions.

  • Firstly, download it from the WordPress Plugin site. Unzip the file and upload twitterbot.php it you your wp-content/plugins directory.
  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Plugins.
  • WordPress Twitterbot should be listed under the inactive plugins list. Simply click “Activate” next to it to get it running.

Quick Configuration

Wordpress Twitterbot Options

The WordPress Twitterbot options screen

Navigate to your settings page on your WordPress dashboard. A list of settings for all your installed plugins will be listed down the left-hand side. Click “Twitterbot Options”.

The essential settings to change are your Twitter username and password. Check these are correct or your posts won’t be tweeted to your Twitter account.

You can change the prefix options in the next section if you wish.

How To Use WordPress Twitterbot

When you make a new post or edit an existing one in WordPress, WordPress Twitterbot will automatically post an update to your Twitter account about your post.

If you wish to skip the tweet for any particular post, just check the box labelled “Skip the Twitter update for this post.”

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