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How to Manage Email Accounts for Multiple Websites

These days many people own a large number of domain names. One of the problems that we come across is how to manage all the email for these domains. If you may only receive a few emails each day for each website you run, does it really seem worthwhile logging into your email system for […]

Finally! A Web Server Backup Solution You Can Actually Use

There are many backup solutions available for your website. But none of them seem to address the most common situation: backing up shared Linux hosting using a Windows computer. Let’s solve that today.

Webmaster Essentials: Why Backing Up Is Important

Backing up your web server is something that people know about, but don’t necessarily do. Let’s look at why its so important.

Do We Still Care About Bandwidth And Server Load?

Bandwidth and server load have historically been concerns of the competent webmaster. We look at whether we still have to worry about it.

Server Redirects – Using The Correct Status Code

Following on from our articles about server errors and browser errors, this article discusses the various HTTP codes for server redirects. Learn which is the appropriate one to use.

What Do Those Server Errors REALLY Mean – 5xx Errors Examined

This article will look at all the 5xx error codes that can be returned by a web server. These errors are generated when something happens on the server side that prevents a request being completed.

What Do Those HTTP Errors REALLY Mean – 4xx Errors Examined

There are, however, quite a variety of error codes that can be returned, besides the famous 404 error. This article will look at all the 4xx error codes that can be returned by a web server.