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The Power Of Ranking For Spelling Errors

Ranking for popular terms can be difficult. A good solution is to rank for some common misspellings of popular terms. Spelling errors get a surprising number of searches every day.

Use Litmus For Free In February

In our recent article on cross browser testing, we mentioned a great service called Litmus. It lets you take screenshots of your webpages on a variety of browsers and operating systems. In an announcement that deserves a lot more attention than it is getting, the company have announced that for the rest of the weekends […]

Where To Start With Multiple Browser Testing?

Cross browser testing is an integral part of building a page, not something to be left until you are about to publish it. Learn about how to do it well.

Essential Firefox Extensions for Webmasters

There are quite a few excellent add-ons for Firefox that make our lives as web developers much easier. We will look at the best ones in this article.

Optimise Your Pages for Faster Load Time

This guide will show you how to optimise your webpages to increase download time and reduce bandwidth

Optimise Your Images for Faster Load Time

Learn some best practices when creating images for your website. Compress them effectively and crop and resize them appropriately.