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Why Ebay Never Ceases To Amaze

Ebay is a strange place. And the people who shop there are even stranger. I won some Amazon vouchers that I didn’t really want so I decided to see if it was worth selling them on Ebay. Just because I didn’t want them doesn’t mean I want to sell them for below face value. Looking […]

How About An Ironic Screenshot?

I thought people might like this. I was looking through my website statistics and errors in Google Webmaster Tools and I found something that made me laugh. It’s not an error I have ever experienced before. If you can’t read the error it says: Some URLs in the sitemap have a high response time And […]

New Webmasters Now Nofollow Free

I have installed a WordPress plugin that removes the nofollow attribute from all the comments on this website. I have never really been a fan of nofollow and I think it’s only fair that good comments should be rewarded with a backlink. So fell free to leave a comment on any article or post here […]

Use Litmus For Free In February

In our recent article on cross browser testing, we mentioned a great service called Litmus. It lets you take screenshots of your webpages on a variety of browsers and operating systems. In an announcement that deserves a lot more attention than it is getting, the company have announced that for the rest of the weekends […]

Automatically Update Your Year With PHP

Use PHP to dynamically update the copyright year in your website footer

Twitter’s Latest Security Headaches

After the Phishing scam, Twitter has a new security problem. 33 accounts have been hacked.

Developing a WordPress Plugin

Developing a WordPress plugin is something I have never thought about doing. The other day I was posting on a blog and thought how great it would be if posting would trigger a tweet on Twitter. I looked through all of the available plugins that claimed to do this and there was something wrong with […]

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