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Server Redirects – Using The Correct Status Code

Following on from our articles about server errors and browser errors, this article discusses the various HTTP codes for server redirects. Learn which is the appropriate one to use.

The Golden Rules of Designing Good Forms

You should feel honoured every time a user fills out a form on your website. Learn how to make the best of the opportunity and make them as good as possible.

Why You Should Try To NOT Use The New Canonical Tag

Google, Yahoo and Live have all announced support for the new “canonical” tag to specify alternative content for page. We look at why you shouldn’t use it on your website.

New Webmasters Now Nofollow Free

I have installed a WordPress plugin that removes the nofollow attribute from all the comments on this website. I have never really been a fan of nofollow and I think it’s only fair that good comments should be rewarded with a backlink. So fell free to leave a comment on any article or post here […]

Use Litmus For Free In February

In our recent article on cross browser testing, we mentioned a great service called Litmus. It lets you take screenshots of your webpages on a variety of browsers and operating systems. In an announcement that deserves a lot more attention than it is getting, the company have announced that for the rest of the weekends […]

Where To Start With Multiple Browser Testing?

Cross browser testing is an integral part of building a page, not something to be left until you are about to publish it. Learn about how to do it well.

What Are The Alternatives to Captcha?

Captchas are everywhere on the Internet. Designed as a method to tell if a visitor is human, they put significant barriers in front of people. We look at the alternatives.

Creating Accessible Websites

Creating accessible websites is more important now than it has ever been. Learn why it is so essential and learn techniques to make your site accessible.

Automatically Update Your Year With PHP

Use PHP to dynamically update the copyright year in your website footer

Twitter’s Latest Security Headaches

After the Phishing scam, Twitter has a new security problem. 33 accounts have been hacked.

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