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Why Internet Explorer 6 Will Be Around Forever

The final version of Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) was released on August 27, 2001. It was released at the same time as Windows XP and was the last version of IE to be called “Microsoft” Internet Explorer, later version being referred to as “Windows” Internet Explorer. It’s aims were noble: more privacy, reliability and flexibility. […]

How to Manage Email Accounts for Multiple Websites

These days many people own a large number of domain names. One of the problems that we come across is how to manage all the email for these domains. If you may only receive a few emails each day for each website you run, does it really seem worthwhile logging into your email system for […]

Why Ebay Never Ceases To Amaze

Ebay is a strange place. And the people who shop there are even stranger. I won some Amazon vouchers that I didn’t really want so I decided to see if it was worth selling them on Ebay. Just because I didn’t want them doesn’t mean I want to sell them for below face value. Looking […]

How Good Are Search Engine 404 Error Pages?

Search engines are keen to provide us with lots of advice about building good 404 erros pages. Let’s see how well they follow their own advice.

Make Money All Over The World With Geographic Targeting

Amazon offers affiliate programs for all its websites. This article will help you display the correct affiliate code to your visitors.

Finally! A Web Server Backup Solution You Can Actually Use

There are many backup solutions available for your website. But none of them seem to address the most common situation: backing up shared Linux hosting using a Windows computer. Let’s solve that today.

Webmaster Essentials: Why Backing Up Is Important

Backing up your web server is something that people know about, but don’t necessarily do. Let’s look at why its so important.

Do We Still Care About Bandwidth And Server Load?

Bandwidth and server load have historically been concerns of the competent webmaster. We look at whether we still have to worry about it.

The Power Of Ranking For Spelling Errors

Ranking for popular terms can be difficult. A good solution is to rank for some common misspellings of popular terms. Spelling errors get a surprising number of searches every day.

How About An Ironic Screenshot?

I thought people might like this. I was looking through my website statistics and errors in Google Webmaster Tools and I found something that made me laugh. It’s not an error I have ever experienced before. If you can’t read the error it says: Some URLs in the sitemap have a high response time And […]

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